Serious Business (2006)

Serious Business, released in 2007, is a collection of Dan’s original material and contemporary arrangements of favorite pop hits from the past. The selections are smartly crafted fitting somewhere between the Smooth Jazz and Pop genres. Enlisted in this project were guitarists, Brett Allen, Derick DiCenzo, Kraig Phillips, Josh Hill, Randy Mather on tenor sax, Tony McClung and Matt Wagner on drums, and Andy Woodson on bass. The music of Serious Business is tastefully energized by Rowan and this terrific group of musicians.



Take A Chance (1996)

Take A Chance was released in 1993 and was Dan Rowan’s first offering of original compositions. The CD includes eight original tracks, one original lyric adapted to the jazz classic, Falling Grace by Steve Swallow, as well as inventive arrangements of a couple of Dan’s select covers; The Look of Love by Burt Bacharach and Dance with Me, made popular by the band Orleans in 1975 . Listen for a couple great sax solos from Byron Rooker, however, in a desire to fully participate in what was “cutting-edge” technology of the 90’s, Take A Chance was performed and recorded by Rowan using keyboards, synthesizers and (yes), drum machines. The songs are timeless, and the vibe will hopefully take you back, and put a smile on your face.4